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We are founded with a historic mission. We take responsibility for individuals, business and the nation: to endow the ancient nation with more dignity, to raise the living standards for our people, and to pass on air of freedom to future generations.

We not only inherit the traditional Chinese culture, but also follow the trend of world economic development. Relying on international resources and integrating advanced concepts, technologies and facilities, we are devoted to developing clean energy and new materials.

We respect nature and law, and follow the rules of the market. Our development depends on our integrity, diligence, wisdom and dedication. These merits will make us an ever-lasting legend.

We are located in a place endowed with the fine spirits of the universe. Aiming high, we attract talents from all around the world. We care for every employee. Hand in hand, we go through all twists and turns and share the fruits of international industry integration.

Our virtue is our blessing, and our diligence is our fortune. We firmly believe: by unremitting self-improvement, we will eventually become the backbone of the nation.

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