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Revere the Heaven, Benefit our country and People, A centennial store, Live and work in peace are the principles of Oriental Energy’s managerial philosophy. 

For society, Oriental Energy abide by integrity and adhere to benefit our country and people. Since its opening, Oriental energy has been focused on the use of international oil and gas resources to serve the domestic economic development. Every year our company shipped millions of tonnes of high-quality oil and gas from all over the world, via Oriental Energy’s docks, and terminal storage, transported to thousands of households, to become the indispensable clean energy of ordinary living and the factory operating .

Oriental Energy has a deep feeling of conforming and cherishing the nature. Following the revolutionary trend of world energy use, Oriental Energy introduced the first class technology and facilities as well as converged the wisdom from all parties, investing the project of comprehensive utilization of oil and gas resources, we vigorously develop the clean environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, and environment friendly industry.

For employees, Oriental Energy focused on training and be good at feedback. We build beautiful environment and good atmosphere for converging talents from all directions. We encourage innovation in an inclusive attitude, build business platform for employees, and not merely a means to earn a living.

Looking to the future, opportunities and challenges coexist; review the history, only to follow the trend, we live in harmony with nature, and accompany with social progress, as we share the joys and sorrows with employees that can stand forever.

Oriental energy has always been on this vision, we pursue the harmony of enterprise among nature and employees. Our road ahead will be long, unremitting self-improvement OE people abide by integrity, keep diligent and pragmatic, search up and down as well as unremitting strive.

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