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Alkane hydrocarbon resources include methane, ethane, propane, butane and so on, among which we operate currently are propane and butane(or LPG for short). Alkane hydrocarbon resources mainly come from oilfield associate gas, shale gas, coal bed gas and oil refining. In terms of output and consumption, most alkane hydrocarbon resources are produced from North America, Asia, Australia, Africa and Middle East. In Europe and Asia, it mainly comes from refinery gas while in Middle East, Africa, Australia and North America, it mainly comes from oil associated gas and shale gas. Consumption is mainly in Asia, North America and Europe. So Middle East, Africa and Austria are the main export areas. But as the enhancement of American shale gas revolution, output of shale gas is booming, which makes America becomes a net export country from a net import country. So we believe the status quo of world LPG will change dramatically in the future.

Now the applications of alkane hydrocarbon resources are as follows: civil and commercial gas, auto gas, industry gas, petrochemical material and so on. At present, civil and commercial gas is the top application, which accounts for more than 50% of the world consumption. In this application, it mainly used for family warming or cooking. Auto gas has been used generally in the developed countries. Now as the implementation of the “energy-saving and emission-reduction “, oil price reforming and oil tax imposing, auto gas is facing a new opportunity to develop and the consumption is increasing. Industry gas is a traditional application, which is mainly used in the non-ferrous metal metallurgy, roasting, etc. Petrochemical material is an emerging and the fastest growing application. Thanks to the technology development and American shale gas revolution, alkane hydrocarbon resources become cheaper and cheaper, which make them feasible and economy to produce propylene and butylene or other basic petrochemical products by using alkane hydrocarbon resources as material. The consumption in petrochemical material application will boom as a number of PDH crackers using alkane hydrocarbon resources as material put into use in the future.

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