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As the largest LPG importer in China, Importing high purity LPG and then processing adn selling in the country is not only our traditional business, but also one of our core competitiveness. With the three storage bases, the we own mighty storage capacity and excellent logistics. At the same time, the dealer network is reasonable and the service is professional and attentive. Thus we have collected large numbers of loyal customers in Jiangsu, Shanghai and north of Zhejiang province. Apart from the traditional direct selling, we also developed wholesalers and agent sellers to optimize sale channels. And we are exploring ways of lease, joint venture and so on to promote the sales in south China and along-Yangtze River market. We established many pricce models such as monthly pricing, yearly pricing and market pricing to fit for the difference among customers and avoid the volatility of market price. In this way, win-win has achieved between us and customers.

There are three parts in our gas business: industry sales automobile gas station operation, third-class station and civil pipeline network operation.

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