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Compared to the traditional technology, using alkane hydrocarbon resources to produce ethylene and propylene is cleaner and more environmental friendly. And thanks to the American shale gas revolution, alkane hydrocarbon resources become cheaper and richer, which makes it more economy to use them as petrochemical feedstock.

Following the developing trend from “heavy petroleum” to “light petroleum”, and with our advantages in alkane hydrocarbon resources procurement, logistics and storage, combining the cheap resources in America and increasing demand in China, we entered into the petrochemical industry and set our new strategy to march for integrated alkane resources operator.

On one hand, we set up Zhangjiagang Yangtz River Petrochemical Co.,Ltd and Ningbo Fortune Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. With the two companies, we import world class energy-saving and environmental technique and use oil-associated pure propane and butane to produce propylene and polypropylene and other basic petrochemical products. In the future, we will continue to go with the trend of using alkane hydrocarbon resources as petrochemical feedstock, and import advanced chemical technology to build our three-olefin industry chain with methane, ethane, propane and butane as feedstock. In this way, we will establish a stable and diversified new petrochemical industry chain.

On the other hand, we are organizing our R&D center. The R&D center will keep up with the cutting-edge technology of new materials and technics, and explore new realms such as 3D printing material, high strength pipes, etc. The R&D center will help us establish our own competitiveness in new material research and application, and make us be able to produce world class high quality material.

In the future, we will make use of our present advantages, use alkane hydrocarbon resources to produce petrochemical products, and explore the new material research and application. With the efforts of our employees, a world class integrated alkane resources operator is on the way.

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