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Our R&D center gathered a number of chemical industry elites. They are experienced experts in chemicals producing, new material applying, and technology exchanging and importing. The center has established cooperation relationship with global chemical tycoons such as UOP, Dow Chemistry, Davy, and research institutions such as Dalian Physical -- Chemistry Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huisheng Engineering, Tsinghua University, etc.

Three-olefin industry chain

Guided by the strategy of integrated LPG operator, we and local governments collectively plan to establish three-olefin industry chain (ethylene, propylene, butylene) in Zhangjiagang and Ningbo with ethane, propane and butane as feedstock. In the future, we will further develop it into an impressive new material and synthetic rubber industry park. At present, the communication and importing of technology are being undertaking, and some achievements have been received.

Polyolefin industry

In respect of new material research and application, the R&D center is conducting technical cooperation with world-class companies in the realms of low shrinkage high gloss polyolefin materials, high intensive pipe materials, etc.

Laboratory construction

On the hand of laboratory construction, we will purchase a number of advanced equipment to satisfy our R&D demand. The relevant instruments are as follows: transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscope, NMR spectrometer, differential thermal analyzer, infrared spectrometer, xenon lamp aging test box, ultraviolet aging test chamber,thermal gravimetric analyzer, thermomechanical analyzer, Dynamic mechanical thermal analyzer, creep deformation tester, fatigue tester, gas chromatograph, mass analyzer, X fluorescence analyzer, Atomic absorption spectroscopy and some other testing equipment that are necessary in the research of material used in plastic film industry, pipe industry, auto plastic industry.

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