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  • 3D printing materials
    3D printing technology is a kind of rapid prototyping technology. It is based on the digital model files,and uses bonding materials such as power metal or plastics to print layer by layer to achieve objects. Polypropylene is one of widely used printing material.
  • Polypropylene coating material
    Polypropylene has proven effective as a coating in woven bag, tarpaulin, colorful cloth strippipes and so on. It has the following benefits and properties: high melt flow rate, excellent casting performance, good ductility, easy and stable processing.
  • PPR pipes
    Polypropylene pipes include PP impact copolymer(PP-B)and PP random coplymer(PP-R). They are achieved by adding some ethylene to the polypropylene chain. Polypropylene pipes have the properties of good creep resistance, excellent ageing-resistantand impact resistance performance. With the advantages of light weight, erosion resistance and long service life, they are mainly used in the water supply system, heating system and petrochemical pipes.
  • Terpolymer resin
    erpolymer resin is a kind ofheterogeneous copolymer which is achieved by adding rubber-like ethylene-propylene copolymer to hypocrystalline propylene. Terpolymer resin has benefits and properties of high distortion temperature, good scratch resistance, excellent impact resistance at low temperature and good balance between rigidity and toughness, good flowability. The above properties make it widely used to produce auto dashboard, interior parts, bumper, washing machine parts, shell of storage battery and tank, etc.
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